Family Engagement Policy

Family Engagement Policy


Magnolia Intermediate acknowledges that the responsibility for children’s educational development is a collaborative enterprise among parents, school staff, and community members. In order to support our campus goals of all students engaging in rigorous academics at their level and encouraging all members of the community to be involved, MIS will establish and strengthen partnerships with parents. 


Magnolia Intermediate will establish ample opportunities  that enhance family involvement and reflect the specific needs of students and their families.  The family involvement initiatives will include the following:

  • Communication between home and school will be frequent, two-way, and meaningful.
  • Responsible parenting will be promoted and supported.
  • Parents will be treated as collaborators in the educational process, with a strong complementary role to play in their children’s school learning and behavior.
  • Parents are encouraged to comment on school policies, share in the decision making, and will receive timely responses to their suggestions.
  • Every aspect of the district climate will be open, helpful, and friendly.
  • The staff embraces a philosophy of partnership with all families.
  • Parents will be provided with the school performance profiles and assistance with interpreting their child’s individual assessment results.
  • Parents will be provided a description and explanation of the curriculum in use at the school, the forms of assessment used to measure student progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet.

We recognize the importance of periodically assessing the changing needs of the community and our families through focus groups, parent meetings and other strategies.  The information that is compiled will assist us in the design and implementation of parental involvement activities that are comprehensive and effective.

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