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Welcome to Magnolia Intermediate

I am Renee Kloffenstein and I am the School Nurse. I have been a Registered Nurse for many years. My husband and I live in Magnolia and have a son that is a graduate of Magnolia West.
Most of the students call me Nurse K. I love being a school nurse and having an opportunity to be a positive role model for children. I will always strive to take care of your children to the best of my ability. Please call or email me with any questions or concerns. Phone 281-252-2033 ext. 5120, Fax 281-252-7422.


7th Grade Immunization Requirements

ALL Students are required to have TDAP, Mengingitis, and the 2nd Varicella (for a total of 2) vaccinations prior to beginning 7th grade. The vaccinations can be done anytime during the 6th grade school year. Please send a copy of the updated shot record to me and I will update your child's record. They will not be allowed to start 7th grade without these immunizations. If you wait until the summer, you may encounter long wait times and the risk of physicians or clinics running out of the vaccines. Thank You.

Medication Protocol

Students are not allowed to transport medication to the nurse. All medication must be brought to the nurse in the clinic by a parent or guardian. The appropriate form must be filled out by the parent or guardian and signed by the doctor for prescription medications. There is also a form for over the counter medication that must be completed by a parent or guardian. All prescription medications must have a pharmacy label. All over the counter medications must be age appropriate. If your child is not 12 years old that will need junior or children's over the counter medication. We do not give narcotic medication to student's at school. You can download forms from the district website. Under the tab for parents go to the health section.