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Block 1 & 2: 7:55- 9:32
Block 3: Team Planning
Block 4 & 5: 10:25 - 12:40 (LUNCH 11:42 - 12:08)
Block 6 & 7: 12:43 - 2:20

ABOUT ME: Welcome to Mrs. McBroom's Homepage. This is my 13th year teaching math. I love it! I am originally from Michigan and have lived in Chicago, Minneapolis and Houston for the past 15 years and consider myself to be a Texan! I am married and have two grown children. My daughter Jessica, is a 3rd grade teacher in Tomball. My son Michael, is a retired professional swimmer and lives in El Paso.  Both have recently been married and I look forward towards becoming a grandam but I hear it's not going to be soon. I am looking forward towards teaching your child a love of mathematics and help them to development into a young, responsible adult. "Attitude is everything; so CHOOSE a good one." It's your choice! Looking forward towards a great year!
CLASS RULE:  We will not physically or mentally harm others. 

CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS: Be respectful, be responsible, be safe and follow the Golden Rule, "Treat others like you would like them to treat you."

TUTORIALS: Mornings starting at 7:30.

HOMEWORK: Homework will be rarely assigned. If possible an email will be sent; however we are trying to build independent young adults.  IF homework is assigned, students will practice what we did in class that day to assure understanding. Homework can be assigned individually and differentiated based on each student's needs. For further clarification please ask your student if they were assigned homework. We will follow the proposed lesson calendar on the website.

BOOK ON-LINE WEBSITE: Go to and use the pass code given to students in class and noted in their math journal.