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My name is Dustin Gwosdz. I am so excited about the upcoming school year! I went to Sam Houston State University and majored in mathematics and minored in education. I taught 9th and 11th grade math at Magnolia West High for 1 year (my previous school was across the railroad tracks so i still feel at home here). This is my 3nd year teaching and my second year teaching 6th grade math. I married my Wife on July 22nd 2016. Me and my wife moved to Montgomery/Magnolia and we love the area so much. We are excited to be a part of this great community !


Contact Information: 



Conference: 4th period




Be Respectful

Be Prepared

Be on Time


The following times are for tutoring:

*Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 7:30-7:50 am.

*All students are required to have a tutorial pass to attend in the morning. the pass will be handed out the day prior.


Important Links:


Practice at Home!

The following website contains games for each chapter to help strengthen your child's skills!




Sign up for Remind, this will allow you and your student to stay up to date on homework/assignments/tests/quizzes/projects. 

 Math Reg:To receive messages via text, text @mathreg2 to 81010




The calendar below contains a day by day schedule of what is occurring our classroom. It also includes dates for tests and quizzes. 




Download the Home Access Center (HAC) app to your phone as it is new tool for parents to access grades, attendance, class schedule and calendar all via a mobile device. Follow the link below for further instructions and information.





School Supplies List:

Pencils (mechanical).

Spiral Notebook (for vocabulary words and notes).   

Dry erase marker.


Class Schedule:

1st-2nd Block- Math Reg 7:55-9:32

5th-6th block- Math Reg 11:15-1:30

7th-8th Block- Math Reg 1:33-3:10


Magnolia 6th Grade Math – It’s going to be a great year!                 


Teacher:  Dustin Gwosdz             Room:  2405                  

Email Addresses: dgwosdz@magnoliaisd.org 

Conference Period:  4th Period 10:25-11:12


Materials Wish List (optional only if you would like to donate to the class)


  1. Dry Erase Markers                                                    4.  Clorox Wipes
  2. Pencils (mechanical)                                                 5.  Erasers
  3. Box of Tissues                                                          6.  Pencil Sharpener (hand-held)


Class Rules: No one will cause physical or mental harm to anyone.


All students are expected to follow these expectations.

  1. All students must be in their seat, with their materials, before the tardy bell rings.
  2. All students will remain seated unless the teacher gives permission.
  3. All students will come to class with needed materials, including homework if applicable, each day.
  4. Raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak.
  5. Everyone in our room is treated with respect at all times.


In addition to these rules all school rules, as outlined in the student handbook, will be enforced.


Tardies:  A student is considered tardy to class if he/she is not in the room, with their materials, when the tardy bell rings.


Homework:  Homework will be assigned as needed. If assigned, please make sure that it is brought to class the next day completed.


Showing work:  Students must show their work and all the steps involved in solving a problem. It is important for the student to show the process he/she uses in problem solving. 


Grading policy:

                        On-Level                                                                                 Pre-AP    

Formative: 40%

Formative: 40%

Summative: 60%

Summative: 60%




Absences:  If a student is absent, he/she is responsible for handing in any completed work that is due and for completing the missed work.  It is his/her responsibility to see the teacher for make-up assignments.  (See the student handbook regarding district policy for make-up work.)


Test Retakes:  Every student is required to have his/her tests signed and returned within one day of receiving it. Every student has the opportunity to retake tests. Retakes will be given during morning tutorials within two days of passing tests back to students. I will take the highest grade earned up to a 95.



I have read and understand the policies and procedures outlined above.




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